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  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    From HBR: “The Case for the 6-Hour Workday”

    The eight-hour workday harkens back to 19-century socialism. When there was no upper limit to the hours that organizations could demand of factory workers, American labor unions fought hard to […]

  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    United Arab Emirates adopts 4.5-day workweek

    The Associated Press reports that private industry will likely follow the government’s lead, noting it did so in 2006 when the Saturday-Wednesday workweek changed. — Read on www.npr.org/2021/12/08/1062435944/uae-work-week-change-saturday-sunday-weekends-global-markets This applies […]

  • white caution cone on keyboardwhite caution cone on keyboard

    Even our Jokes are Terrifying Windows into the Dark Side of Work

    In the second episode of The Busyness Paradox, we tried our hand at satire with a fake ad for a preposterously invasive employee-tracking software service called “HR Tracker.” Seemed preposterous […]