Podcast: Are You Too Good at Your Job?

Are you the “go to” person for help with some tasks at work? The one everyone hunts for when they need help dealing with a tough customer, setting up a spreadsheet, or navigating the ever-changing inventory management system? Does it sometimes drive you nuts? In this episode, we explore being “too good” at some aspect of your job and strategies for turning this mixed blessing into less of a time-drain and more of an opportunity.

If you’re spending half your workday responding to one “quick question” after another, something is going wrong. Being really good at something shouldn’t be a liability. In this episode we discuss solutions ranging from simple acts of scheduling and time management to more exotic options for overhauling the way we manage employees so that skilled workers can be incentivized to share their knowledge using an Uber or Fiverr-style intracompany marketplace for skills and solutions.

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