Is Busyness Old News?

Paul and I were holding our weekly meeting regarding the business side of The Busyness Paradox. Believe it or not, we are not just winging this whole thing, unless that’s what you are perceiving, then be impressed with how well we are winging things. Ha! Anyway, we seem to be getting some traction on our podcast and more people are reading our blog posts, so we were discussing some updates we would like to make to both the podcast and website.

Long story short, I happened upon this article by Tim Maurer over at Forbes titled “Why Busyness Isn’t Good Business.” The main premise stems from the idea that saying you’re busy tends to provide an air of importance even if that is not necessarily the case. He then continues on with unvieling the truth, which is something that we like to mention quite a bit here at The Busyness Paradox: Busyness is actually making you less productive. Better yet, the research backs this up. (Listen to our discussion about this here or on your favorite Podcast app).

It is time to break the bad habits of acting busy because it makes you feel important. Find some time to do nothing. You can also get more ideas by reading Tim Mauerer’s article over at Forbes. There are some great examples of how others unbusy themselves.

To answer the question in the title, yes, busyness is not really anything new. The Forbes article is over 4 years old. However, given the impact the pandemic has had on work, especially with the rapid switch to ‘work from home’ (WFH), now is the time for us to make some changes with how we work. Let’s end the “Infinite Loop of Busyness”©.

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Busyness Killing Productivity
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