Podcast: Technology and Productivity – An Insider’s Perspective

Technology and Productivity: An Insider’s Perspective, Episode Description:

Task lists, calendars, passwords, email, webcams…have they made your job more efficient or have they BECOME your job?

In this episode, Stephen Robles from Apple Insider joins us to discuss strategies for using our digital devices as the productivity tools they’re meant to be. Tune in to hear his expert advice on apps, books, project management strategies, workplace communication, an ingenious email filter we can’t believe we didn’t think of ourselves, and other tips for getting your job, your software, and yourself in sync.

Time stamps, people, and products mentioned:
0:01 – Hello Busybodies!
03:47 – How the pandemic has changed work in the technology journalism sector
05:30 – Home office upgrades
07:55 – Email strategies and brain-dumping
14:23 – Task management apps and tips
17:06 – Project Management
23:28 – Workplace communication strategies
28:20 – Productivity Apps lightning round
37:25 – It never hurts to ask (except when it does)
39:16 – We’re here to help! (or find someone who can)
40:23 – Congratulations to four of our mentors retiring from Florida State University: Pam Perréwe, Jerry Ferris, Caesar Douglas and Lee Stepina!

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