Podcast: Couch or Cubicle?

The Busyness Paradox Episode #16: Couch or Cubicle?, Episode Description:

With Covid seemingly on the ropes, the world of work is poised to finally return to normal. Not everyone is thrilled about that. Some savor the end of makeshift home offices, Zoom meetings, and isolation from coworkers. Others dread the return of long commutes, office politics, and wearing pants. Many would like to see a hybrid blend of on-site and remote work become the new normal. 

What’s an employer to do? In this episode, we argue that they don’t have to appease all of these employees. Only the ones they wish to keep. 

Time stamps, people, and products mentioned:

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An employee working on a couch is contrasted with employees working in office cubicles
Couch or Cubicle? (Images courtesy of pexels.com)

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