Busy-Bites: This Is What Happened After A Bunch Of Employees At A Burger King Quit

The fascinating, gratifying, and often amusing trend of post-pandemic quitting we discussed in “Take This Job and Shove It” is alive and well in Lincoln, Nebraska. As this schadenfreude-laden article explains, the 13 employees and manager of a Burger King restaurant collectively showed themselves the door last week, explaining the situation to customers thusly:

The Busyness Paradox
Photo Credit: Rachel Flores

We’ve been seeing similar stories of underpaid and poorly treated employees going out in style all summer (often, but not always, involving fast food establishments), but this one has lots of juicy details from the employees involved. If you’ve ever dreamt of quitting a crap job in grand fashion – dignity intact and middle fingers raised high – we invite you to live vicariously through these fine folks.

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