Podcast: Nixing Busywork with Niksen

The Busyness Paradox Episode #24: Nixing Busywork with Niksen

You know those expressions like, “do more by doing less” and “work smarter not harder”? Bush league. In this episode we reveal the true secret to doing more: doing nothing. To much of the world, it’s a bafflingly paradoxical truth. To the Dutch, it’s simply called niksen.

Articles and Books Mentioned in the Episode:

Niksen: Why the Dutch concept of doing nothing is the key to happiness – The Times

How I learnt the Dutch art of doing nothing – The Times

Invent and Wander: The Collected Writings of Jeff Bezos, with an Introduction by Walter Isaacson

Jeff Bezos Says He Makes Time in His Schedule to Do Nothing

The Problem With Management by Numbers – The Busyness Paradox

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