Evade corporate productivity tracking

Paul sent me this article from Slate.


It’s sad that there has to be a market for these types of products. If you work for a company that over monitors, perhaps there’s a solution for you here.

Whenever Lorenzo would step away for a few minutes to refill his coffee or use the restroom, his Lync profile invariably reported him as inactive. One day, he ran to the store to get some milk, and when he returned, he saw messages from his boss asking where he was and whether he was working that day. After Lorenzo responded, his boss chided him and said he should keep his time away from his desk to a minimum.

This doesn’t necessarily seem bad on the surface, but…

“Regardless of what my productivity actually was, he would just give me heck when I would step away from my computer,” Lorenzo said. “It was a very uncomfortable, frustrating situation where you’re sort of tied to your desk and afraid to even go to the bathroom.”

This is where the real issue is. Over monitored when working from home that you’re scared to use the bathroom?

That’s not acceptable in the office, it isn’t acceptable at home.

It’s really quite sad. Paul and I made a fake ad for a product called HR Tracker that aired in our second episode. We thought it was horrible. We couldn’t even predict the real thing would be worse.

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