Shifting meetings, conventions online curbs climate change | Cornell Chronicle

In a recent post over at the Cornell Chronicle, Blayne Friedlander addressed one way to help make a dent in climate change.

Scrap in-person meetings and conventions.
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While we here at TBP are in favor of remote work, hybrid work, 4-day work weeks, etc., one thing we don’t address enough is the added benefits of these work styles. Notably, the impact on fuel consumption, emissions, etc.

In a soon to be now released episode of TBP podcast, we interviewed Curt Tueffert and one thing he addressed was how you no longer needed to take a train, plane, or automobile for a one hour client meeting, that this can be done remotely. Not only does it save time away from home and family, but it also reduces one’s impact on the environment.

Anyway, just wanted to share some research supporting more flexible work styles.

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