5-day work week is dead, what does that mean for the cities?

This article is excellent. The Atlantic has some really good quality journalists. With the decline of people going to work 5 days per week and opting for more hybrid work environments, the impact on cities are unknown.

“The number of person-days in the office is never going back to pre-pandemic average, ever,” Bloom told me. After two years of working from home, he said, employees don’t just prefer it. They also feel like they’re getting better at it. Despite widespread reports of burnout, self-reported productivity has increased steadily in the past year, according to his research.

And the implications for work and cities are going to be fascinating.
— Read on www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2022/02/work-from-home-revolution/622880/

I do know that for restaurants and cultural centers that rely on some of the work place business traffic for revenues have suffered a bit. However, many have figured out novel ways to address these challenges.

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