Podcast: Let’s Get Down(sized)!

“Everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” So says Mike Tyson, and so it is with layoffs. No one starts a new job expecting it to end with a pink-slip. Even when the grim employment reaper is seen milling about our own workplace, it’s easy to convince ourselves that he’s only harvesting other people’s jobs. And yet, almost half of us will be downsized at least once in our careers. Join us as we discuss some warning signs and proactive steps to take when layoffs are afoot. Also, please help us figure out the plural of ostrich. We’d Google it but we laid off our Assistant Senior Vice President of Internet Searches.

Mentioned in This Episode:

15:30 – The delusional demands of some Twitter employees
19:00 – Striking Back: Protecting Your Paycheck When Your Job Goes Off The Rails
22:50 – Do You Have Too Many Employees?
22:31 – Boring Job Burnout
24:10 – BS Jobs
24:00 – How Common Are BS Jobs?
26:30 – How to Deal with Layoff Anxiety
30:00 – The 15-Hour Work Week

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