Podcast: When Working Hard Looks Like Hardly Working

Join us as we pat ourselves on the back for reaching the fabled 52-episode milestone. Because 52 is way more exciting than 50. Not because we had already passed 50 episodes without realizing it. Why would you even think that? Anyways, publishing 52 episodes has taught us that podcasting shares a (wait for it…) paradox with many seemingly simple jobs: the more skill and effort you put into it, the less skill and effort the average consumer thinks it requires. This is a frustration well-known to car mechanics, tailors, and football kickers whose reward for making hard jobs look easy is to be told “anyone can do that!” by observers who endeavor to make easy jobs look hard.  And so we dedicate this 52nd episode spectacular to them and to all of you who appreciate the value of legitimately “hard” work, even if your customers do not.

Links to resources mentioned in this episode:

07:20 Alabama football recruiting: Nick Saban turns down huge NIL request

14:43 Electric Vehicles Battery Problem

16:16 Leno: Appreciation for hard work is fading, and old cars aren’t easy

29:50 Are You Entertained—Or Addicted?

41:25 Episode #7: BS Jobs

56:50 Bone Valley podcast

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