Podcast: Why Not Win? A Discussion with Larry Thornton and Dave Ketchen

Larry Thornton and Dave Ketchen join us to discuss their award-winning graphic novel, “You Have to Live, Why Not Win?” and Larry's journey from racial segregation to success as an entrepreneur, author, teacher and artist. This is our most inspirational interview yet and will make you question your perceptions of yourself and others. In a good way. We promise. If you listen to one episode of the Busyness Paradox, make sure it's this one.

As Frank summarized in his review of the book (in press, Academy of Management Learning & Education):

Ultimately, indeed, you have to live, and with generative artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT, becoming more prevalent in the work- place, the characteristics of communication skills, relationship skills, disposition, deportment, and demeanor introduced in this book are certain to help students differentiate themselves through their ability to relate to others, thus giving them a greater opportunity to win.

Links to People, Places, and Books Mentioned in this Episode:
You Have to Live…Why Not Win? A Graphic Novel
Why Not Win? Reflections on a fifty-year journey from the segregated South to America's boardrooms – and what it can teach us all
Why Not Win Institute
Larry Thornton
Dave Ketchen

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