Podcast: Beyond the Bill: Tipping Trends and Research Revelations

Live from the Southern Management Association conference in St. Pete Beach, FL, Frank and Paul interview Cornel University's Dr. Mike Lynn, arguably the world's foremost researcher on service tipping. We discuss the pros and cons of tipping as a form of compensation, demographic differences in tipping rates and, of course, the sudden proliferation of tipping into seemingly every facet of our lives.

If you're tired of tipping at self-service cash registers, you'll enjoy this one. And if you're a management researcher, listen up! Stunningly, with the exception of Dr. Lynn, this dramatic shift in service work compensation has flown almost completely under our radar so far. Let's get cracking folks.

Links to People and Publications Mentioned in This Episode:

Dr. Michael Lynn – Michael D. Johnson and Family Professor of Services Marketing, Cornell University
The moral imperative of tipping
A Traveler’s Guide to Tipping in a Changed World
Danny Meyer’s Restaurants Will End Their No-Tipping Policy
Service sweethearting: An effective way to increase tips?
Giving vs. Giving In

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