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  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    The Post-Pandemic Workplace

    I came across this article, “5 Models for the Post-Pandemic Workplace” by Daniel Davis at the Harvard Business Review (HBR) website the other day and read it with great interest. […]

  • white caution cone on keyboardwhite caution cone on keyboard

    Even our Jokes are Terrifying Windows into the Dark Side of Work

    In the second episode of The Busyness Paradox, we tried our hand at satire with a fake ad for a preposterously invasive employee-tracking software service called “HR Tracker.” Seemed preposterous […]

  • espresso machine dispensing on two mugsespresso machine dispensing on two mugs

    Niksen: The value of doing nothing.

    by Frank Butler This idea of nothing is derived from the Dutch. The general idea is that you take some time out of your day to intentionally do … nothing. […]

  • green leafed plantsgreen leafed plants

    The need for office space

    by Frank Butler The WSJ posted an article about startups not needing office space, especially early on. Certainly has a significant impact on the cash flow and equity needs when […]