Podcast: Perception, deception, or misconception?

The Busyness Paradox Episode #19: Perception, deception, or misconception

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So is your next performance evaluation. Everyone sees the world through their own perceptual lenses and we often form different perceptions of the same people, performance, and policies. Join us as we discuss strategies for managing these perceptions in the workplace – our own and those of the people we work with.

Topics Discussed and Related Readings:

1:15 – Perceptual biases in management
5:00 – Different social-perceptual biases
7:50 – Pessimistic attribution styles
7:55 – Different forms of narcissism
10:00 – Examples of tools to offset perceptual biases at work:

11:15 – Watch bezels
14:50 – Travel to find your biases
22:00 – More than 40% of managers that are sent abroad fail
26:15 – Busyness Paradox Episode #15: Who You Callin’ WUSI?

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