Podcast: Much Ado About WUSI

The Busyness Paradox Episode #27: Much Ado About WUSI

A while back, we published an episode called “Who You Callin’ WUSI?” about the simple assessment we developed to measure employees’ propensity to perceive abusive managerial behaviors where others do not. The show got way more interest than we anticipated, so naturally we’ve been looking for an excuse to revisit our beloved WUSI scale. So you can imagine our excitement when we learned that two researchers from the University of North Carolina – Charlotte were investigating the impact of WUSI in comparison to other factors that can bias employees’ perceptions of abusive supervision. In this episode, we interview this unique duo – coming from both academic and corporate backgrounds – to discuss their findings and their implications for any managers out there who’d rather not be falsely accused of bullying their employees.

(Our apologies for some rough spots in the remote audio at several points in this episode!)

Our Guests:
Brooks Durham – Vice President Operations and General Manager, LD Industries

David Woehr – Belk Distinguished Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Management, University of North Carolina – Charlotte

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