Podcast: Calling Out Kardashian

Here at the Busyness Paradox, we share a deep and sincere commitment to not giving a rat’s a** about the antics of the inexplicably famous. But we bear no ill will toward those who lean in to the meta-paradoxical wonderland of unearned success and fame derived from being famous. Except when the undisputed queen of this leisure class declares 51% of the population to be lazy dregs who “don’t want to work.” We don’t know much about you Kim Kardashian, but we’ve got a bone to pick with you.

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Kim Kardashian Is Facing Backlash For Her “Advice For Women In Business”


Frank Butler  0:17  
Hello Busybodies, welcome to another episode of the Busyness Paradox. I’m Frank Butler here with Paul Harvey. 

Paul Harvey  0:23  
Good day. 

Frank Butler  0:25  
Good day.

Paul Harvey  0:25  
Good day. 

Frank Butler  0:27  
And today, we’re gonna start getting into celebrity gossip, because we’re becoming a celebrity thing now podcast, whatever, 

Paul Harvey  0:35  
We know nothing about them. So let’s go.

Frank Butler  0:38  
Nothing actually. I just, of course, however, we are going to be discussing a celebrity, not because they’re a celebrity, but because of what they said. But before we get into that, Paul, do you recall us saying in the past that if you say that nobody wants to work? What does the real message they’re saying mean today?

Paul Harvey  1:04  
It means that they’re lazy, and no one should care about them.

Frank Butler  1:10  
Right. So that’s…

Paul Harvey  1:10  
Wait, wait, I have a conflicting memory. We might also said it means I don’t want to work with or for you. 

Frank Butler  1:19  
And why is that?

Paul Harvey  1:21  
Because you (being the person who says that) might suck.

Frank Butler  1:25  
You might suck, and I probably don’t pay you well enough. 

Paul Harvey  1:29  

Frank Butler  1:31  
So let’s talk about Kim Kardashian. 

Paul Harvey  1:34  

Frank Butler  1:35  
So Kim Kardashian, born into a very, very wealthy family.

Paul Harvey  1:40  
I guess, right, I was on I didn’t know this until I saw that documentary a few years ago, his her dad was on the OJ Simpson Dream Team.

Frank Butler  1:48  
Yep, that’s correct. He was an attorney. Of course, then they got divorced or he died. I can’t remember what

Paul Harvey  1:55  
I remember thinking like he died way before any of this. What’s happ…you know…his kids weren’t famous, I don’t think, when he died.

Frank Butler  2:03  
I don’t think they were famous yet. Then the mom married the figure skater who is now transgendered religion. Good for him for coming out. Yeah.

Paul Harvey  2:11  
That how that guy ties into this, okay. 

Frank Butler  2:13  
Yeah, yeah. So Right. And now, you know, the Kardashians are huge. Kim became famous for a sex tape with Ray J. And that’s how she really got her name out. And I think that’s similar to what Paris Hilton did or something like that to get 

Paul Harvey  2:29  
Followed the Paris Hilton playbook.

Frank Butler  2:30  
Yep, yep, exactly. So So with all that said, Kim Kardashian is a very, very wealthy person from the family side of it, right. So she was born well heeled, not middle class, not upper middle class, but one percenter. And typically really bright. And typically, these one percenters really do have privilege that no one else has. I mean, I’m not saying that’s any fault of theirs or anything like that 

Paul Harvey  3:04  
Quick clarification there, that in any given year, those who make up the 1% tend to only be there for one year, because they like sold the business, they spent their whole career building or something. So like, they hit that mark, and then they’re gone. So you’re talking about the 1% that’s like, born there, lives there, dies there. Like their whole life.

Frank Butler  3:23  

Paul Harvey  3:23  

Frank Butler  3:24  
Right. Now, again, there’s nothing wrong with that I can’t fault them for that. I can’t fault anybody being born into that. However, I do fault the lack of understanding or at least thinking about what others go through and the condition that they go through and, and so on the lack of just understanding that people are different, but let’s talk about what this is actually. And I’m sure many of you are familiar, because it was all over the news not long ago. With regards to Kim Kardashian getting on and saying women need to get their bleeping asses up and work and basically saying that nobody wants to work anymore.

Paul Harvey  4:08  
And apparently women in particular, and

Frank Butler  4:11  
She’s really focusing on women. And oh, my god, talk about-

Paul Harvey  4:18  
Heard it here, folks. Women don’t want to work. And we’re canceled. 

Frank Butler  4:22  
Women don’t want to work but talk about tone deaf. But here’s here’s what gets me that what she says literally falls into our wheelhouse because we try to rail against that mindset of women don’t want to work. I mean, she thinks she’s working. Right, but she has easy access to babysitters. She has personal staff. She’s not carrying any heavy frickin load.

Paul Harvey  4:52  
So honest question here. And you know, I’ve known about this for all of like, an hour when Frank forwarded a news clip about it to me, and I was confused, because I said, Yeah, isn’t her whole thing that she’s like, famous for not ever having done anything, like famous for being famous, despite not accomplishing anything. Like, it seems to me that she’s like hurting her own brand, by even talking about work, and the need to do it.

Frank Butler  5:18  
Well, she’s she’s really the face of some businesses and stuff like that, right? I mean, she’s the face of the Kardashian family, along with her sisters, Chloe and Courtney, I think they are, seems to

Paul Harvey  5:29  
They just do stuff and people put it on TV. And for some reason, millions of people watch it, like, is there more to it than that?

Frank Butler  5:35  

Paul Harvey  5:36  
Not realize that they’re 

Frank Butler  5:36  
Not really. She represents some brands and such, too. But again, she’s not a CEO of an organization.

Paul Harvey  5:43  
She has she’s not certain places at certain times. Yes. And perhaps that’s what she means. When she says she works hard. I just thought her whole thing was that she didn’t work. Like that’s what

Frank Butler  5:54  
Well, I mean, she she she works.

Paul Harvey  5:56  
I mean, yeah, but she got there real easy. Like she’s an escapist fantasy for a lot of people that

Frank Butler  6:01  

Paul Harvey  6:02  
That’s been my assumption

Frank Butler  6:03  
Yes, yes.

Paul Harvey  6:05  
Wouldn’t that be something?

Frank Butler  6:07  
That’s the perfect way of saying it, right? The escapist fantasy, hey, guess what, you don’t have to do anything, you get to just go around and do what you want to do. And that’s work to you. I can represent brands, I can, you know, showcase things. But everything else is taken care of for me. Guess what.

Paul Harvey  6:28  
Perhaps she just doesn’t know anything else. Like she, like literally doesn’t know that there’s such thing as having to find a babysitter or not being able to buy food 

Frank Butler  6:36  
She’s never have to do it.

Paul Harvey  6:37  
Or you just get…not a life she’s ever known perhaps.

Frank Butler  6:41  
Right? Well, if that’s the case, then she needs to really put the boundary condition on her comment by saying, if you’re like me and wealthy, and you want to work hard to continue to make sure people know who you are, because that helps your brand. And that helps your income stream or whatever, then you’ve got to work hard in a sense, but that’s not like work, what people are going through, especially women entrepreneurs, right. I mean, the average woman entrepreneur is going to have kids that she’s gonna have to raise, she might be a single mother, she might be running a business out of necessity, just because of her family situation.

Paul Harvey  7:19  
And any female entrepreneur that I’ve ever met will tell you that it’s hard to be an entrepreneur. And you know, you make a lot of mistakes and so on how you learn from those mistakes. But when you’re a woman, sometimes you don’t get to make those mistakes. Like, oh, you failed. You made a mistake. You’re one that’s why go away. Like no more money. No more venture capital for you. Yeah. We have a, we have a guest.

Frank Butler  7:44  
We have a guest!

Paul Harvey  7:46  
Representing the future of the female workforce. My daughter, Ella.

Frank Butler  7:50  
That’s right. Yes.

Frank Butler  8:10  
And we’re back. See, this is kind of the stuff that we’re talking about right there. Now, of course, Paul not being a woman. But this is what we’re talking about. I mean, she has staff to take care of that.

Paul Harvey  8:22  
That stuff. Usually a woman would have to deal with.

Frank Butler  8:24  
Yeah, right. Or just in general. I mean, man, woman doesn’t matter. I mean, this is what normal people

Paul Harvey  8:28  
Normal people. That’s a better way of putting it. Yeah.

Frank Butler  8:31  
Deal with we don’t have staff.

Paul Harvey  8:33  
No staff.

Frank Butler  8:35  
We just don’t have staff to take care of our kids. I mean, she’s got four kids. But how much time is she actually spending actually doing the diaper changing and having to deal with? Oh, interruption in the middle of doing a photo shoot or interview or whatever it is doing that

Paul Harvey  8:50  
That woman has for kids?

Frank Butler  8:52  

Paul Harvey  8:52  

Frank Butler  8:53  
Yeah. Yeah. But you know, she has a staff and in here, let’s, let’s just go into that for a second. All right. So let’s talk about exactly, I mean, this fits exactly what you you and I’ve talked about in the past. If you’re saying people don’t want to work, they’re saying they don’t want to work for you. Well, here’s something that came out. I guess last year, the Kardashians or Kim Augustus Kardashians broadly are being sued. Oh, it’s definitely Kim. By seven former members of her gardening and maintenance staff don’t think I’ll keep this in mind. Seven members of her gardening and maintenance that’s just gardening and maintenance

Paul Harvey  9:35  
It sounds like it’s not the whole staff. Just seven members of it.

Frank Butler  9:40  
No. Seven members of it. Right, right. How many gardening and maintenance staff do you have Paul?

Paul Harvey  9:48  
We hire a kid to mow the lawn because I that’s like the one job I just refused to do myself. So I guess one, but he’s like He comes once every two weeks in the summer.

Frank Butler  9:59  
I don’t know if that counts. It’s not summer right now, right?

Paul Harvey  10:01  
No, no.

Frank Butler  10:02  
Who snow blows your driveway?

Paul Harvey  10:04  
Oh, that’s me. That’s me.

Frank Butler  10:06  
Who changes your oil?

Paul Harvey  10:08  
That’s me too.

Frank Butler  10:10  
So wait, let me let me think about how many people actually work um, maintenance. The house here. Oh, wait, it’s me. Yeah. Yeah. And then of course, my wife mows and I’ll do other parts of the yard, we have almost two acres. And so it takes it takes some take some effort.

Paul Harvey  10:29  
That’s right. One thing I said, I’ll do anything, but I’m not mowing the lawn, I just can’t deal with it. I didn’t want to own a house in general. And boy has that come back to bite me in the butt. Everything else? Okay, need to rewire the house Paul, need to fix the leak in the basement, need to…

Frank Butler  10:46  
Again, you know, this is something that man or woman can be doing. But this is what the typical person is doing. We don’t have all this money to hire us. But here, let me let me continue down this this lovely passage of how well Kim treats her people. So seven former members of gardening and maintenance staff who claimed they weren’t compensated for the hours they worked. Okay, so already fits into our compensation issue, right? Weren’t given adequate breaks. And I’m sure because it’s probably California there are, I’m sure rules about breaks. Because I’m pretty sure every job or every state has some sort of rules of how many hours you can work with breaks. So I know that there’s I think we’ve talked about this in the past, actually, that there are rules about how many hours you can work

Paul Harvey  11:31  
Without a break.

Frank Butler  11:31  
Before you have a break that you have to…have a break right, four hours or something like that.

Paul Harvey  11:35  
Assuming these are legal employees, California…lawn staff…

Frank Butler  11:40  
I think if they’re suing they’re probably legal, probably. All right, especially because if you’re if you’re a celebrity like that, you probably do not want to put yourself at risk tester to employing illegal aliens.

Paul Harvey  11:52  
Not that not that it hasn’t happened. But yeah, That makes it

Frank Butler  11:56  
Right. They weren’t compensated for the hours worked. They weren’t given adequate breaks. They didn’t receive overtime pay, and were paid late, when they were paid.

Paul Harvey  12:06  
Now I’m just gonna give her the benefit on this, that it wasn’t her saying, No, I’m not paying them. She probably just was disinterested, and like, left it up to somebody else to handle and they didn’t get the memo. Or maybe they need her to sign off on something like…

Frank Butler  12:23  
She claims that she paid the vendor who pays them that there was a third party, you know, but again, I’m sure I assume that is true. I’m sure it is. But you know, what the poop rolls downhill does doesn’t it. It is your responsibility at the end of the day.

Paul Harvey  12:38  
It’s true.

Frank Butler  12:40  
You know, it’s like, Hey, you’re the deepest pockets where people want to sue, when they’ve been wrong. It’s just like the factory that’s in India, that Apple, or the Apple doesn’t own it. But there’s it’s contracted out to make iPhones in India. And those workers weren’t getting paid. And they burned the factory down practically. When they went on strike because they weren’t getting paid. Well guess who gets blamed for that? Apple?

Paul Harvey  13:02  

Frank Butler  13:03  
This is why when you’re in this position, I mean, if you have staff, this is what your office manager or whomever it is, or yourself if you’re saying people don’t want to work. But I mean, even if that’s the case, there’s something I think is not completely the sole fold fault of the vendor who’s supposed to pay him. I mean, the way that they’ve been worked. You know, that’s, that’s somebody on site who’s doing that. Right. And that’s coming at, right. So that’s, that’s that one example.

Paul Harvey  13:31  
So what was the impetus of this diatribe about women not wanting to work or people not wanting to work is there like a trigger event that set this off?

Frank Butler  13:40  
She they were doing the Kardashians, I guess we’re setting up for our new season of their show or something. Along those lines. It was an interview with the family. And it had the the three sisters and the mom there. And you know, it’s interesting because it was an interview with Variety magazine or variety, tea, whatever it is right was a video, video based interview. And she was talking about the subject female entrepreneurs and her first thing she said in her, it says here actually, I’m going to read this this. This one article says, while wearing eriskay leather outfit with outdated gloves, Kim spoke in her baby doll voice saying she had the best advice for women in business. Quote, get your bleeping ass up and work.

Paul Harvey  14:28  
I just want to take a quick, quick detour on that. The outdated gloves and the baby doll voice. What’s that all about? Like, that sounds like kind of an odd thing for a journalist.

Frank Butler  14:42  
I think it’s a shtick.

Paul Harvey  14:43  
I’m not, I don’t know the whole context. But that sounds like something that you wouldn’t say about a male that you are interviewing. You know?

Frank Butler  14:50  
I, now…I agree with that. But I don’t know if that’s necessarily something that’s part of her shtick, or she’s known for. I don’t know enough about the Kardashians, because I can’t stand them right they disgust me there. Whole lifestyle disgusts me. I just, you know, I, I know that it’s entertainment, but people watch them like they’re supposed to set the status quo for people’s lives.

Paul Harvey  15:09  
It’s not healthy entertainment.

Frank Butler  15:11  
No, it’s not. It’s not and that’s anyway, but neither here nor there. If you watch it, that’s fine. You know, just realize that that is not what normal is right? That’s not normal. They don’t know what normal is.

Paul Harvey  15:22  
I’m gonna guess there’s not much overlap in the audience of this show and, and the Kardashian show. If you are a fan of both shows, please contact us. We’d like to…

Frank Butler  15:35  

Paul Harvey  15:36  
We’d like to know what makes you tick as a person.

Frank Butler  15:40  
So here’s, here’s what goes on. This is a this is another one. It’s like, you know. She said, It seems like nobody wants to work these days. As Chris and Courtney agreed with Kim statement she went on, you have to surround yourself with people that want to work? Well, I don’t know about others. But I think that’s just common sense. But you got to pay them, you got to respect them. You got to treat them, right. Otherwise, you do get in these examples of, oh, hey, look, nobody wants to work. No, again, they don’t want to work for you because you suck. You don’t pay them enough. You don’t value their work. You don’t respect them enough.

Paul Harvey  16:22  
Okay, I have an alternate off-the-cuff theory that I’ve been formulating for about five seconds.

Frank Butler  16:28  

Paul Harvey  16:29  
I wonder, if you’re living this life. And all you’ve ever known is like easy money and wealth and fame for not really doing anything. I imagine you probably attract a similar breed, like you, probably people flock to you who are that who would like to have that lifestyle do who like who really are lazy and just want a whole lot of stuff for nothing. And maybe that’s their, like, their prism through which they view other people. Like these lazy like, you know, it’s not like groupies, but like, you know, people who like are in a famous person’s entourage not really do anything. They just like, want stuff. I wonder if like, that’s their view of what all people are like, and they’re sort of extrapolating from that. To you know, working people in general.

Frank Butler  17:20  
They’re still idiots, right?

Paul Harvey  17:22  
Oh, definitely. Yeah.

Frank Butler  17:23  
Yeah. Okay, just just making sure. Because I feel like it’s making an excuse for…

Paul Harvey  17:28  
It’s just…what type of idiocy are we talking? It’s being completely out of touch with reality. Just what’s the I’m just curious as to like, what, what’s the cause of this separation from the real world? I guess part of me wonders like is this is this part of the act? Because I remember by way of Southpark, that Paris Hilton’s shtick was kind of like just being a being basically, like, is this her just kind of playing…playing a role? Maybe? Or is she really like this?

Frank Butler  18:00  
You know, it’s a good question. I, I have to think what little knowledge I have of these kinds of reality TV, wealthy Folk is, I’m sure part of it’s a stick, but part of it’s just that it’s reality. Right? I mean, you know, you got to think these, these are individuals who have never had to really work to get things right. Like, I mean…

Paul Harvey  18:24  
That’s the crazy thing. Who are they to…who is this to tell everyone else they don’t want to work?

Frank Butler  18:28  
Like, right? I mean, I mean, I’m sure you and I, I mean, we both worked summer jobs, at some point to get through, you know, I just I don’t know. I mean…

Paul Harvey  18:37  
We had it easy too I mean, like, there’s plenty of people in the world who had it. Probably 99% of the world had it harder than pretty much anyone in in this country. Not anyone, but you know what I’m saying. Like, yeah, it’s all relative. But…

Frank Butler  18:52  
But of course, I wouldn’t say you know, people need to get stopped being lazy and work, right. Because I’ve seen entrepreneurs work for the veterans entrepreneurship program. I get numerous veteran women guaranteed. They busted their asses when they were in service. I know, they bust their asses out of service. I know many of them have kids that they’ve raised, sometimes alone. And I have nothing but respect for what they’ve had to go through, to kind of fulfill the dream that they have. And here we have Kim Kardashian, who’s basically saying, y’all aren’t doing crap.

Paul Harvey  19:29  
Right. You need to be like me. Shut up.

Frank Butler  19:33  
Right. It’s so here’s kind of going off even how more horrible this is. When this starts coming out. Right? One of her former employees, so this was somebody. Kim faced accusations from seven members of her domestic team. They weren’t given mandatory breaks. Bah, we call it we’ll talk about that. But another person comes out her she’s a beauty journalist Jessica De fino I don’t know who this is, but she laughed. She lashed out to the Kardashian Jenner family in 2024, underpaying her as editor on the now defunct car Jenner app. So you know successful business here, right. She took to Twitter to complain about how her employers treated her. Her jobs false news, Kim had become a billionaire by selling his share of her KKW beauty brand. To make a powerhouse Cody. Jessica wrote, I had to buy groceries at the 99 cents only store when I worked as an editor on the Kardashian Jenner official apps and got reprimanded for freelancing on the side.

Paul Harvey  20:38  
Now, that’s that’s wage slavery in his purest form right there.

Frank Butler  20:42  
She added it’s an awful exploitative policy that makes sure eager, inexperienced and poorly paid employees remained inexperienced and poorly put up poorly paid. Now. She says this to on a response on Twitter to Kim Kardashian saying meat north. So North is the name of one of their children.

Paul Harvey  21:04  
Of course, yes.

Frank Butler  21:05  
Yep. So Northwest I think is Kanye is the dad. Right? So I Northwest?

Paul Harvey  21:09  
Oh, yeah. That’s kind of clever, actually.

Frank Butler  21:11  
Yeah. So North Freezy and horse. We have 14 gorgeous Friesians on the ranch. This is what Kim Kardashian posted on Twitter, or something along that line. It looks like it’s Twitter. And he said, and Jessica the finos said I had to buy groceries at the 99 cents only store when I worked as an editor on the Kardashian Jenner official app on this twit. Twit tweet, right? So here’s the thing, it’s like, okay, let’s just brag about how rich I am. In, you know, I exploited all these other inputs. Alright, so price for a freezing horse can cost anywhere between three and $30,000. So 3030 $1,000.

Paul Harvey  21:54  
It’s not as bad as I was thinking actually.

Frank Butler  21:56  
But a breed stock can cost from 25 to 50,000. I don’t mean again, a horse, that’s the cost of a carton, there’s 14 of them, they have 14 of them. Who I feel like this is just a case study, and what we oftentimes deal with. And in those keep in mind, too. I think the average wealth of somebody in Congress is easily over a million dollars. And so there’s going to be a challenge with people understanding what others have gone through, or what they’re going through, just trying to make it anywhere remotely close to a lifestyle that the Kardashians get to enjoy. By birth.

Paul Harvey  22:36  
By doing nothing, that’s what makes it sound so cartoonish to me that it’s it’s such a caricature of privilege that to, to even mention the word work in any context. Seems like, you got to be kidding me.

Frank Butler  22:53  
It really is.

Paul Harvey  22:54  
And just back to your point earlier, like, I wonder what exactly. I mean, I’ve been critical of people that in this regard to that, you know, what some person, one person because there’s hard work isn’t necessarily what the average person might consider hard work. There’s some subjectivity to it like, so like you were saying. She’s had a very skewed idea of what work is like, I spend a lot of hours on airplanes and private jets probably being flown around to do stuff and have cameras in my face. 

Frank Butler  23:25  
And interviews

Paul Harvey  23:27  

Frank Butler  23:27  
Oh, gosh, how hard it is to do an interview. Woe is me. It feels sorry for me.

Paul Harvey  23:32  
If that’s the only work you’ve ever known, I guess it’s it’s harder than doing nothing, I guess sort of, I would mind flying around on a airplane private jet to do interviews.

Frank Butler  23:43  
Yeah, you know what? I agree, I would love it. I would love the opportunity to do so I don’t know if Oh, here. I don’t know if I want to work that hard to get there. Because I know that for me to get there, right? Would take me so much more effort. Because I’m so far behind. Because I wasn’t born with that kind of wealth, interational wealth.

Paul Harvey  24:02  
You know what would happen? You’d reach that point and you drop dead, just like her dead. And people you your ancestors would be the ones who get born into your wealth. And do stupid stuff like this.

Frank Butler  24:14  
And here’s the thing, though, too. And this is something I’ve been thinking about quite a lot lately, too, is that you’re sometimes just born into a certain group that is always going to get more notoriety, right, because, you know, you happen to know people. I mean, her dad was the attorney for OJ Simpson, right. They’re already in the celebrity world. 

Paul Harvey  24:32  
Presumably he was famous before that, to be in that on that legal team. He must have been a big shot.

Frank Butler  24:39  
Right. And here’s the thing is that I think you if you really look at the story of a lot of these people who’ve become successful, either artists or actors, actresses, whatever. They’ve all they’ve all got connections to somebody already there. And they were helped along the way. Now of course, there’s also the whole Weinstein whatever issue where he basically like, manipulated women in such, which is disgusting and, you know, good that he’s in jail and will spend the rest of his life in jail. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Paul Harvey  25:13  
Right, I kind of thought he was dead too.

Frank Butler  25:16  
There’s something to be said about

Paul Harvey  25:17  
I guess not, sorry. I was thinking he was dead too but I’m thinking of the other guy. Epstein.

Frank Butler  25:22  
Yes. Who quote unquote, killed himself or something? No, but here’s the thing, right? So at the end of the day in let’s don’t get me wrong. I don’t have any issues necessarily with people who are having that lifestyle. You’ve just got to be very cognizant of who your audience is.

Paul Harvey  25:44  
Just shut the hell up. When it comes to stuff you have no business talking about. Talk about your damn shoes, or whatever it is people want to hear you talk about.

Frank Butler  25:52  
Yes, it disgusts me. Because again, going back to like the women that I’ve worked with in our veterans entrepreneurship program, they not only do they bust their butts every day, even if they don’t end up pursuing their business, you know, they’re still taking care of their kids. They’re still working full time. They’re going to school. They’re juggling all these things, right? They don’t have babysitters. They don’t have staff, they don’t have gardeners, they don’t have any of that either. In fact, a lot of them probably don’t have much assets to their name.

Paul Harvey  26:19  
No gardeners because there’s nothing to garden.

Frank Butler  26:22  
Right. And here, we’ve got this woman saying, You women entrepreneurs just need to get your butts up and work. Like, come on. They are They’re busting their butts

Paul Harvey  26:37  
Harder than you’ve ever worked a day in your life.

Frank Butler  26:39  

Paul Harvey  26:41  
It’s probably something like it…to her it was probably a throwaway line. But it’s the fact that she couched it with that people are lazy talk. Like, if you had just said, my advice to them is get their butts in gear work. Like, Okay, that’s fair. That’s good advice for anyone. But then to go along with the because everyone’s lazy stuff. That paints in a decidedly.

Frank Butler  27:02  
Nobody wants to work, right? Nobody wants to work. No, they just don’t want to work for you. Because you suck.

Paul Harvey  27:09  
They fantasize about not working, then they watch your show to do that. But yeah, it’s not even a matter of wanting to work, you just have to do it. You don’t want to like, starve.

Frank Butler  27:19  
It… and I know that we’re piling it on Kim Kardashian here. I think the reason why we do so is that, first and foremost, it goes back to a theme we talked about Second of all, you got to have balance in some way to I mean, you know, if you’re an entrepreneur, yeah, those early days, you’re going to be you’re going to be drowning. And it’s amazing what what both men and women do to make their company successful, especially if they have families moving in what they go through is phenomenal.

Paul Harvey  27:45  
They feel guilty, because…I don’t mean to over generalize…but a lot of the ones that I’ve met, male and female entrepreneurs, but especially the ones who are also moms, they make…they do all this stuff. And they feel awful about the fact that they can’t spend more time with their kids and doing more for their kids. Right. And they’re already doing right. So you’re I mean, this this type of thing from this Kim Kardashian, it’s, it’s really, it’s salt on top of the salt in the wound, I think. It sucks.

Frank Butler  28:14  
It sucks. So for those of you who are listening, we hear the Busyness Paradox know you’re busting your butts we do. In fact, oftentimes, you’re probably feeling exploited at this point, which is part of the reason why you probably liked this podcast, because you’re going hey, this is a way that I can learn lessons on how to not be exploited or at least know what to look out for. Or if you’re a manager, you’re going hey, how do I make by employees feel more valued? Respected?

Paul Harvey  28:39  
Yeah. Where’s the line between you know, having legitimate expectations and demands versus being exploitative? And condescending gas? A lot of gray area there?

Frank Butler  28:52  

Paul Harvey  28:53  
We try to help you navigate the gray area.

Frank Butler  28:54  
Bingo. We try to help navigate the gray areas. Paul?

Paul Harvey  28:59  

Frank Butler  29:00  
You got any final words you want to add to this…fiasco?

Paul Harvey  29:05  
We’ll just say…you know, Miss Kardashian if we’ve misrepresented you miss…misrepresented you, feel free to come on the show and come at us.

Frank Butler  29:15  
What’s funny, speaking of which, she has yet to make a comment. Despite the backlash on what she said.

Paul Harvey  29:21  
I mean, what’s she gonna say.

Frank Butler  29:22  
If…here’s another thing that I just recently because this whole thing’s come up, but she’s been dating Pete Davidson’s who’s an SNL comedian guy, weird looking dude, but whatever. She seems happy. She’s been on an interviews talking about them and now she wants to share all the photos. She’s taking whatever. But Trevor Noah on Comedy Central, the date, what is it? That’s the daily show that he took over? Trevor Noah like I I’m going to say he really did highlight being Kanye West has been extremely aggressive to the point where his Instagram account was shut down for 24 hours. Hmm. Toward Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, like even sent Trevor Noah, racial slurs.

Paul Harvey  30:07  
I did. I saw something about dustup between them. Okay, I didn’t know the context. Interesting.

Frank Butler  30:12  
It’s all about, you know, Kim…Kim is experiencing what many women experience which is abuse, you know, it’s domestic abuse. And and the thing is, is that you, you would think with all that going on, she would still be careful to say, hey, look, I’m not just I’m also part of the statistic that we shouldn’t have in this country. Right. Let’s work on that. But yet no, she has to go after Oh, people who don’t want to work. They’re lazy. No, screw you. You have never worked in real day in your life.

Paul Harvey  30:43  
That…that’s what I just can’t get past.

Frank Butler  30:46  

Paul Harvey  30:46  
It’s like, like us doing a show on like, how to deal with labor pains or something. It’s just it’s preposterous. To pick that topic to come down on. I don’t get it

Frank Butler  31:02  
I can’t even imagine.

Paul Harvey  31:06  
It’s all about breathing, ladies.

Frank Butler  31:08  
Just breathe, it’ll be fine yeah

Paul Harvey  31:10  
You don’t breathe you’re gonna die. That’s how it works.

Frank Butler  31:11  
It can’t be worse than you know, when I bust my finger with a nail when I’m trying to hammer it

Paul Harvey  31:17  
You don’t know, pain!

Frank Butler  31:18  
You just got to breathe through it! Breathe through it! Now…

Paul Harvey  31:24  
Up next

Frank Butler  31:25  
I’m sure it’s absolutely horrid. I mean, it’s so bad that they have to actually give you what an epidural, they put this into your spine and numb you?

Paul Harvey  31:33  
They don’t have to do that but yeah 

Frank Butler  31:36  
They don’t have to, but you know, it’s recommended.

Paul Harvey  31:39  
I don’t even know that’s recommended. It’s up to the individual. That was my experience of being on the sidelines watching my wife go through it. So like, if you want to, do it. If you don’t, don’t do it. You could definitely sit there in that labor ward, maternity ward, whatever you call it. Part of the hospital that was full of women having babies, you could definitely tell which ones had opted for the epidural and which ones hadn’t by which ones weren’t screaming their lungs out.

Frank Butler  32:04  
Main Line that stuff and to me, I’m a guy, we’re weak at the end of the day. We that’s not the kind of pain. I think we can. So therefore, ladies, as Paul correctly has said that the the analogous thing to Kim Kardashian telling people work is us trying to have a show on how to manage labor.

Paul Harvey  32:28  
Maybe it would be us releasing like or doing an interview where we say that everyone who uses epidurals is weak and stupid or something. I think that’s as close as we could get.

Frank Butler  32:39  
That’s probably closer. Yeah. I mean, we don’t think that at all.

Paul Harvey  32:43  
Someone take that quote out of context…

Frank Butler  32:46  
Personal preference, whatever you think is right for you. Is your body. Your choice. I know what I would do mainline that stuff into me

Paul Harvey  32:53  
I would be flying high, let me tell you.

Frank Butler  32:55  
Yep, yep. Yep. Just just numb me up. Let’s go

Paul Harvey  32:59  
Wake me up when it’s over

Frank Butler  33:01  
When it’s over.

Paul Harvey  33:02  
Maybe a few days afterwards.

Frank Butler  33:05  
Give you a few days to actually recover from that. Yeah. I mean, dang. So okay. Anyway, I know that we’ve probably beat this a little bit. It just frustrating to see this stuff. Because this is how others think, too. And I think this goes back to some of the stuff that we’ve talked about in the past, when people move up, they’ve lost sight of who they were, and what they actually had to go through to get there. Now, Kim’s not had to do anything. But you know, I think about people who’ve moved into senior leadership who now make a lot more money than their their rank and file people. They don’t know what it’s like to be in that position anymore, especially as times changed, you know, 20 years ago.

Paul Harvey  33:38  
Either they’ve forgotten or it’s just not the same anymore

Frank Butler  33:40  
Right. Right. I mean, you got to think the cost of living has changed. Somewhat. I mean, just in terms of the things that you need access to right, smartphones cost more than a cell phone data at one point. I mean, it was cheap for a while, because the cell phone was like 100 bucks. And then you pay like 20 bucks a month for the service, because that’s all you had was calling right

Paul Harvey  34:00  
Before that there wasn’t even those things. We just had that thrive, wired phone on the wall at home that someone bought in the 70s. And still worked.

Frank Butler  34:07  
Yeah, I just…things change, right. And things evolve, and the quality of life has shifted in terms of what what expectations for good quality of life are. And, you know, again, it comes back to with all these productivity gains, too. You don’t have to exploit your people. You can give them breaks eight. And here’s the thing is like in a global environment, guess what other countries are doing it with very, with no issues, their companies are just as competitive. They create happier or not happier people, but you know, they’ve got employees who are productive, they get their stuff done. They have longer vacation times, and they still get their job done.

Paul Harvey  34:46  
I mean, there’s jerk bosses, probably everywhere. But yeah, it’s not like underpinned by this notion of that being a heroic thing.

Frank Butler  34:55  
Yes, yeah. Yes. This ties back into those people who are like these work warriors. They’re like, Oh, no, look at me. I’m working 100 hours a week. Yeah, no, that’s not what what’s not what we should be aspiring to. And Kim is making it sound like everybody needs to be doing that in a sense, right? And the thing is, she has no idea that people are not being lazy. They have actual things that they have to manage for themselves because they don’t have staff.

Paul Harvey  35:21  
Yeah. That’s another explanation what she perceives as laziness. Is this. Other people having stuff to do that isn’t just her stuff

Frank Butler  35:29  
That she can’t fathom because she’s had staff all her life. She’s never had a guarantee mow the lawn. Can you imagine guaranteed? Guaranteed I guarantee she’s never one set up photo not long ago. Man, I got to put down weed killer.

Paul Harvey  35:43  
I refuse to mow a lawn now. I used to. I can just imagine. Someone like her doing it. Yeah.

Frank Butler  35:51  
Let me go edge the lawn. So it looks perfect around the swing pool. Right? Oh, let me go use the weed and feed and put that down twice a year so that way my grass always looks perfect. Like almost fake. Yeah. Guarantee she’s never touched any that.

Paul Harvey  36:06  
Probably aerated her own soil though.

Frank Butler  36:08  
Oh, it’s just that…this…that stuff infuriates me. And you know what, Kim Kardashian? You’re going through a lot of stuff with your divorce with Kanye West. I didn’t know that. But at the same time.

Paul Harvey  36:20  
Let’s hope that maybe. Let’s hope it’s just a reflection of going through tough times.

Frank Butler  36:26  
But let’s hope because what you said is appalling, and literally is a great disservice to every woman entrepreneur out there who has been busting their butt.

Paul Harvey  36:38  
I bet she knows that. She knows what she said.

Frank Butler  36:43  
You know what you said.

Paul Harvey  36:45  
Take it back.

Frank Butler  36:47  
Take it back. Yes. Take it back.

Paul Harvey  36:50  
The Busyness Paradox is distributed by Paul Harvey and Frank Butler. Our theme music is adapted from its business time by Jemaine Clements and Bret McKenzie. Our production manager is Justin Wuntaek. We hope you’ve enjoyed this episode, and we’d love to hear from you. Please send any questions, comments or ideas for future episode topics to input@busynessparadox.com, or find us on Twitter. Also, be sure to visit our website, busynessparadox.com to read our blog posts and for links to the articles and other resources mentioned in today’s show. Finally, please take a moment to rate and follow or subscribe to our show on Apple podcasts. Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google podcasts, or wherever the heck you get your podcasts.

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