Podcast: Repressing Workers With Busywork

Back in March 2020, millions of workers around the world abruptly learned that their jobs didn't always require their presence at a specific desk in a specific building at a specific set of times each and every week. After a bumpy start, many began to appreciate the flexibility, autonomy and, to varying degrees, empowerment this new approach to work afforded. Others decided it wasn't for them. A few decided it wasn't for anyone. That a vocal minority is bent on pushing us all back into our offices and cubicles should come as no surprise to longtime listeners. But who are these committed defenders of the pre-pandemic status quo? And what are their motivations? That's where things get a bit interesting.

Mentioned In This Episode:

9:15 – Privilege and Pro-Office Pablum

33:25 – Calling Out Kardashian (Busyness Paradox Episode #38)

37:14 – Much Ado About WUSI (Busyness Paradox Episode #27)

46:40  – Time For Niksen (not that Nixon) (Busyness Paradox Episode #41)

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