Podcast: WFH is Dead! Long Live WFH!

Every few months someone proclaims the death of this working-from-home silliness. Citing indisputably indisputable sources, they assure us that our long nightmare of comfort and efficiency is over. “Rejoice!” they tell us! All who toil in their comfy clothes under the scornful eye of their pet cat, “Buttons”…fear not! The commutes, cubicles, and in-person meetings that are the God-given right of every man, woman and child with at least an associates degree from a regionally accredited college or university will be yours again soon.

But then someone invariably comes along with “comprehensive data” that “reflects the real world” and ruins the party. Alas, it’s our sad duty to report new evidence that, once again, confirms our darkest fears: that every job and every employee is different and that cramming us all back into the one-size-fits-all world that recognized the sanctity of on-site work just ain’t happening. Sigh.

Links to People, Publications, and Podcasts Mentioned in This Episode:

0:24 – John Martin, Ph.D., Wright State University

0:27 – Fed-Up Managers Declare Wfh Is Over, as 77% Say They’d Fire You or Cut Your Pay for Not Coming Back to the Office

1:04 – Asana Report: Anatomy of Work Global Index

1:16 – Shady Stats and the Status Quo

9:12 – Inflation and the Paradoxical Pay Raise

15:15 – SHRM (Society for Human Research Management)

25:36 – The Efficiency Paradox

26:21 – BS Jobs

28:09 – Manage Things, Lead People: The Curt Tueffert Interview

30:22 – The “Year of Structure” Episodes: The Four-Day Work Week The Year of Gettin’ S**t Done

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