Podcast: Excessively Lean: When a Lack of Slack Bites You in the Back

We all know the story. After worshipping at the altar of “lean” for decades, we spent two years wondering where all the toilet paper and pickup trucks went. Covid reminded us that too much efficiency could be colossally inefficient, slack was back, hooray. Then you tried to board that Southwest flight a couple months ago and you realized the germ-like aversion to slack had taken root far beyond the manufacturing sector. In this episode, we discuss how keeping “slack in the system” in all aspects of our lives helps us stay happy, productive, and safe from the horrifying dystopia foretold by Garfield In Paradise.

(chrome, chrome, chrome…bop bop a re-bop)

Mentioned in this episode:

1:40 – Episode #50: Unions, Strikes, and Your Rights with Dan Gilmore

3:20 – FTC Holds Public Forum on Proposed Rule Banning Use of Non-Compete Agreements

5:40 – Episode #41: Time For Niksen (not that Nixon)

10:20 – The Employment Situation – December 2022

10:50 – Episode #48: Let’s Get Down(sized)!

11:05 – The Lords of Easy Money: How the Federal Reserve Broke the American Economy

14:20 – Billionaire Charlie Munger says to stop complaining everyone is five times better off than they used to be

15:00 – The 15-Hour Workweek

20:15 – Why 2023 Could Finally Be the Year of the 4-Day Workweek

20:15 – Episode #44: Charlotte Lockhart and the 4-Day Week

25:20 – Southwest Airlines Has Fallen Apart

39:00 – Garfield in Paradise 

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