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  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    Podcast: WFH is Dead! Long Live WFH!

    Every few months someone proclaims the death of this working-from-home silliness. Citing indisputably indisputable sources, they assure us that our long nightmare of comfort and efficiency is over. “Rejoice!” they […]

  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    Podcast: Resigners’ Regrets

    Been a whole lot of quitting goin’ on these past couple years. Early on we celebrated triumphant stories of the over-worked and under-appreciated declaring that enough was enough. These days […]

  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    Podcast: Calling Out Kardashian

    Here at the Busyness Paradox, we share a deep and sincere commitment to not giving a rat’s a** about the antics of the inexplicably famous. But we bear no ill […]

  • table in vintage restauranttable in vintage restaurant

    Leaked Applebee’s Email…

    Basically, Appleby’s management believes that workers need to work more to buy gas… they should go out of business. “The email has generated a mass online backlash after stating that […]

  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    Podcast: Optimal Busyness? Let’s Ask An Expert

    Excessive busyness is bad, especially when you don’t have enough of it. Not gonna lie, even we at “The Busyness Paradox” didn’t see that busyness paradox coming. Two researchers in […]

  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    Podcast: Untangling the Paradox of The Busyness Paradox

    As the Business Paradox returns from a quick break, we take a few minutes to answer your questions, take stock of the Business Paradox’s first 15 months of existence, and […]

  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    The Importance of Culture: As Seen on Reddit

    This is why you need to hire Golden Calf Consulting. We put the ‘cult’ in culture. Source: Reddit

  • brown framed eyeglasses on a calendarbrown framed eyeglasses on a calendar

    5-day work week is dead, what does that mean for the cities?

    This article is excellent. The Atlantic has some really good quality journalists. With the decline of people going to work 5 days per week and opting for more hybrid work […]

  • woman in blue sweater lying on bedwoman in blue sweater lying on bed

    Is it Time for Federal Paid Sick Leave?

    This study says it is time: Variation in paid sick-leave state laws, local laws, and preemptive laws create and exacerbate inequities given the lack of universal coverage by employers.— Read […]

  • pexels-photo-10149610.jpegpexels-photo-10149610.jpeg

    Wages are falling due to inflation

    There’s a beautiful chart that a Reddit user developed that shows how inflation has exceeded wage growth. Essentially, even though wage growth is still occurring, inflation is nullifying that growth, […]