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  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    Podcast: Repressing Workers With Busywork

    Back in March 2020, millions of workers around the world abruptly learned that their jobs didn't always require their presence at a specific desk in a specific building at a […]

  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    Podcast: Let’s Get Down(sized)!

    “Everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” So says Mike Tyson, and so it is with layoffs. No one starts a new job expecting it to […]

  • Veterans Entrepreneurship LogoVeterans Entrepreneurship Logo

    Interview with Frank on WUTC about the Veterans Entrepreneurship Program

    Frank had the honor of being interviewed by Ray Bassett of Chattanooga’s public radio station WUTC about UTC’s Gary W. Rollins College of Business Veterans Entrepreneurship Program. Norm Lavoie, a […]

  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    Podcast: Striking Back: Protecting Your Paycheck When Your Job Goes Off The Rails

    Almost three years in, we think it's safe to conclude that history will view the 2020's as "an interesting time to be alive." But a silver lining of these turbulent times has been the widespread rethinking about how work should "work." The resulting push toward previously-unthinkable levels of flexibility, empowerment and compensation has met with some friction, however. The resulting labor unrest, strikes, and (our favorite) the paradoxical threat of widespread layoffs amid historic staff shortages, has made a lot of us understandably anxious about our current and future jobs. In this episode, we discuss strategies for keeping your career and your sanity from going off the rails.

  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    From HBR: “The Case for the 6-Hour Workday”

    The eight-hour workday harkens back to 19-century socialism. When there was no upper limit to the hours that organizations could demand of factory workers, American labor unions fought hard to […]

  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    Podcast: The Quiet Quitting Quagmire

    By now you've probably heard about "quiet quitting," the latest workplace trend to blow the minds of journalists and social media posters alike. This stunning act of rebellion involves employees doing the work they are paid to do. Seriously. That's what quiet quitting is. It's neither quiet nor quitting, but it's a movement nonetheless.

  • people in couchpeople in couch

    “How Fidelity changed its Dublin office for flexible working”

    We here at The Busyness Paradox have been consistently making this recommendation throughout our podcasts. Glad to see there are large companies striving to make this happen. “Employers need to […]

  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    Podcast: People Don’t Want to Work (for you) Anymore!

    We’ve all seen the signs and memes. We’ve heard the cranky scorn from talking heads, business owners, politicians and old men yelling at clouds. No one (except them) wants to […]

  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    Podcast: Charlotte Lockhart and the 4-Day Week

    You asked us to talk more about four-day work weeks, we did you one better. Join us for a discussion with Charlotte Lockhart, founder and managing director of the 4 […]

  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    Podcast: Expanding the Compressed Workweek

    With all the changes brought about by Covid-19, you might not be surprised to hear about a huge uptick in research on the effects of shortened work weeks. You might […]