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  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    Podcast: Frank & Paul Get Schooled

    Listen to our latest episode on our site or on your favorite podcast app (e.g., Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc.). We have a special guest on this episode. Dr. […]

  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    Is Busyness Old News?

    Paul and I were holding our weekly meeting regarding the business side of The Busyness Paradox. Believe it or not, we are not just winging this whole thing, unless that’s […]

  • black and gray digital deviceblack and gray digital device

    The Thing About Email

    Today we’re releasing Part 2 of The Email Paradox: Inefficient Efficiency, which continues our discussion of email overload and it’s impact on productivity and personal well-being. A third episode on […]

  • espresso machine dispensing on two mugsespresso machine dispensing on two mugs

    Niksen: The value of doing nothing.

    by Frank Butler This idea of nothing is derived from the Dutch. The general idea is that you take some time out of your day to intentionally do … nothing. […]

  • furry slippers on a rugfurry slippers on a rug

    How I Learned to Love the Lockdown

    By Paul Harvey Covid has, obviously, been bad. Nothing that we’ve gained has been worth even one of the lives lost to the disease that’s kept most of us in […]

  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    Podcast: The Email Paradox: Inefficient Efficiency

    Email is one of the most efficient forms of communication ever created.  Email is almost universally viewed as a threat to efficiency, on and off the job.  How can both […]

  • black samsung tablet display google browser on screenblack samsung tablet display google browser on screen

    Google’s Search Results Have Gotten Worse: My Take

    Frank and I don’t do these posts on any sort of schedule (clearly…), we just wait for inspiration to strike. Sometimes it strikes in sort of tangential ways, like when […]

  • green leafed plantsgreen leafed plants

    The need for office space

    by Frank Butler The WSJ posted an article about startups not needing office space, especially early on. Certainly has a significant impact on the cash flow and equity needs when […]

  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    Podcast: BS Jobs

    Bologna Sandwich maker? Barber Shop singer? Nah, not those BS jobs. In this episode we dive into what the late David Graeber defined as jobs that are “so completely pointless, […]

  • The Busyness ParadoxThe Busyness Paradox

    Podcast: Margin of Error: When Good Polling Goes Bad

    What happens when you ask the wrong questions? You get the wrong answers. Then you make the wrong decisions. Then you look silly. Whether you’re a pollster predicting elections or […]